Tiger Nuts, The Ultimate Carp Bait?


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Introduction To Tiger Nuts by Julian Grattidge

There’s just something about tiger nuts that scream ‘carp’. If I were allowed to pick just one bait with which to go and bag a carp, a nice slimy tiger nut coated in its own juices would probably be it! It’s often the case that a tiger nut can provoke an instant reaction. Their crunchy texture and distinctly sweet taste mean they can on many occasions tempt a carp to pick up a bait where a boilie might well fail. 

I think carp will often view an effectively presented natural bait with much less caution than they would a boilie, and as such, they can be a devastating bait for a number of approaches. Whenever I go stalking I always make sure I have a bag of tiger nuts close at hand! 

Presentation could not be easier, as they can be fished in exactly the same way as a boilie. However, depending on the particular situation I’m faced with, I would use one of the set-ups shown in the links to the right of this page.

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